Can a condom really be vegan?  Yes.  Should I care?  Yes!  Even if I’m not vegan?  Yup! 

A brief definition for those of you who think vegan is the latest model Volkswagon, Vegan is defined as free of animal byproducts and not tested on animals.

Latex condoms often contain a milk protein commonly used in processed foods called casein.  You will want to avoid products containing casein if you are vegan or if you have a dairy allergy or intolerance.  Needless to say, lambskin condoms are created from animal byproducts.  ‘Lambskin’ is a bit of a misnomer however, since these condoms are actually made from part of the sheep intestine.

If the idea of using a condom with animal byproducts is a turn off, you’ll be happy to know there are great vegan alternatives.  And no, we’re not recommending using a banana peel. Sir Richard’s has created a line of latex condoms that are vegan-certified.  Keep your meat vegan with Sir Richard’s condoms.