Just like snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike. While our extensive research shows that most humans seem to enjoy sex, different things feel good to different people when it comes to sex.  Condom companies realize this and have come up with all sorts of different types of condoms.  Trying to understand the various condom typesand deciding which one is best for you can be an overwhelming task, so here is a little breakdown of what’s out there and why it might be oh so good for you. 

Once you have your condom size nailed down (pun intended), you will have your choice of condom typeor style.  Ribs, and dots, and lube, oh my!  Condom manufacturers have come up with all sorts of bells and whistles to make sex with a condom mind-blowing.  There are the ultra thin condoms which allow for supreme sensitivity.  These are the thinnest condoms on the market and might not be for those boys who tend to be quick on the trigger.  Another popular type of condom is the ribbed condomor textured condom.  These condoms have some added texture on the outer and/or inner surface.  This added texture increases pleasure for one or both partners. Sir Richard’s carries all these types of condoms and also offers a Collection Pack, which brings this big family together in one happy box. So go on. Get out there and have yourself some fun finding out which condom works best for you and the lucky person or people who get the chance to share your magic.