Feeling sheepish about a bad experience with latex condoms and wondering if there is a more natural alternative?

We have good news. If you are in fact one of the one percent of the population that is allergic to latex, there is an alternative type of condom. Lambskin condomsare a little falsely named as they are actually made from a part of a lamb’s intestine.  But they are a natural and popular alternative for those who have an allergic reaction to typical latex condoms.

It’s worth noting, however, that Lambskin condoms -- also known as sheepskin condoms -- have their drawbacks. Although they are suitable for pregnancy prevention, they do not prevent transmission of STD’s. The tiny holes inherent to lamb intestine allow STDs to pass between partners.

If you need an prophylactic option that offers the widest range of reproductive health protection in a natural way, the leading alternative are condoms that utilize all-natural latex like Sir Richard’s condoms. As noted above, true latex allergies are rare, affecting only one percent of the population. Many people who assume they have a “latex allergy” are actually experiencing a reaction to the kind of latex in many typical condom brands.

In many cases, they are not allergic to the latex, they are reacting to the numerous chemicals added to the latex during the manufacturing process with some condom brands. For these reasons, Sir Richard’s condoms are free of unsexy chemicals.

Latex in its pure state is a natural and renewable resource, coming from the rubber tree.  Latex condoms do not need fillers and additives to make them effective. Sir Richard’s has created a natural latex condom without any of those chemicals.  A latex condom you can love that will love you back. 

You can buy Sir Richard’s condoms nationally at CVS, Kroger stores, Whole Foods, and other fine retailers.