It is not a good feeling, mentally or physically, when something just isn’t right....down there.  Red, itchy, bumpy, burning, and rash are never words we want to have to use when describing our love rod or honey pot.  You were proactive, you were safe, you did the right thing, but something still went wrong.  Chances are, you are allergic to your condom. 

When people think condom allergy, they think latex allergy—which is the case for less than one percent of the general population.  Those people with a true latex allergy will also most likely be allergic to bananas, avocados, kiwis, erasers and spandex.  For the rest of those folks who are having allergic reactions to condoms but have no problem munching on a banana, it might not be the latex they are allergic to, but rather all of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.  Latex in its pure state is a natural and renewable resource, coming from the rubber tree. Sir Richard’s has created a latex condom without any of those nasty rash-causing chemicals.

It turns out that many manufactured latex products may contain additive chemicals that either accelerate reactions. Many of these chemicals have a propensity to cause delayed hypersensitivity reactions manifested as contact dermatitis.

The point is, you are allergic to the latex condoms you have been using, whether it’s the actual material or the chemicals added to it.  So what do you do?  Let’s look at the alternatives to latex condoms. 

  1. There are polyurethane condoms, which are made from a type of plastic.  They, like latex condoms will protect against pregnancy and STD’s.  However, they tend to be less elastic than latex, making them more likely to slip or break.
  2. Lambskin condoms are another option.  The big drawback on those is the fact that they are too porous to protect against transmission of STDs. 

And then there are Sir Richard’s condoms.  “But wait,” you say. “Those are latex. Didn’t we already establish that latex condoms give me a rash?!”  Relax.  And rejoice!  Sir Richard’s condoms are different. Sir Richard’s condoms and lubricants are free of irritating chemicals like glycerin, parabens, spermicide, petro-chemicals, which can all cause harm and irritation to your precious parts. So unless you know you’re part of that less than 1% of the country (we won’t hold it against you), grab your banana latex lovers and head to your closest Sir Richard’s Condom Retailer or shop online.