Finding the right method of birth control often feels like a bigger challenge than finder the right person to use it with. Natural reproductive health is moving from a hum to an outcry, whether your single, in a committed relationship, or married and wanting to stretch that gap between children without the disruptive experience of going on and off chemical birth control pills. So many types of birth control have an impressively long list of pros, and then an equally impressive long list of cons.  Choosing a method of birth control is a very personal decision. 

Your priorities or those of your partner – be they convenience, price, safety, or side effects – will help you make your optimal choice.  One less-than-sexy shared characteristic among many forms of birth control is that they subject your body to something unnatural. In some cases, effectiveness (or ease) comes at the expense of natural. 

The birth control pill is a commonly used form of birth control.  The fact that you take it orally makes it a systemic drug. Birth control drugs have a generalized bodily approach, touching every cell of your body rather than targeting you’re your reproductive centers. The list of side effects for oral contraceptives is long and includes things such as nausea, headaches, chest pain, blood clot risk, yellowing of the skin, and depression.  Ever heard of the saying “the cure is worse than the cause?” Some people find that to be the case with the pill. And for married couples in between children, the disruptive physical process of going on the pill only to go off when it’s time for kid number two is more than a mother wants to bear.

The diaphragm is a non-systemic alternative for birth control, but its suggested use involves spermicide, which is often packed with unsexy chemicals. The patch, the ring, the sponge are all drug- or chemical-based. 

With all the technology and medical advances, birth control options have advanced and multiplied. But if your goal is to find a natural method of birth control that is safe, effective, and largely free of side effects, Sir Richard’s all-natural latex condoms might be your best bet. Sir Richard’s condoms are made of natural, filler-free latex and are free of harmful parabens, glycerines, and spermicide. They are a simple and effective way to prevent pregnancy. And, beyond the birth control benefits, natural latex condoms also prevent the transmission of STDs without exposing your body to drugs and chemicals.